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  • Can I apply to the Social Communications Media course, if I have a Bachelor of Science degree and not a B.A.?"
    Yes, the minimum qualification to join the Social Communications Media course is a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, be it science, commerce, the humanities, or any other field.
  • What is the minimum percentage required to qualify as an applicant for this course?
    If you are an open category student you require a minimum of 50 % to apply to this course
  • Will my academic performance in school and college determine my chances of getting into this course?
    Your academic performance and participation in extra-curricular activities, both in school and college will definitely be taken into consideration. However, the decision to admit you to the course will be taken on the basis of entrance tests which we conduct. These consist of a written test, a group discussion and a personal interview. Please note that absence from any of the above will disqualify you.
  • How should I prepare for the entrance test?
    Preparation for the entrance test only requires an awareness of current events as reported by the media and issues concerning the media. The written part of the test includes one question each on film, television, journalism and advertising. This is followed by a group discussion and a personal interview.
  • What are my chances of getting into the hostel?
    Hostel facilities are only available for women. There are approximately 6 - 8 seats for Social Communications Media students in the women’s hostel. The number varies depending on several factors. Selection for the hostel is not dependant only on academic performance or performance in the Entrance Tests. Several other aspects are taken into consideration. If you are anxious to join the Social Communications Media course and you do not get hostel accommodation please be prepared to make your own arrangements for accommodation.
  • What are the fees for Hostel?
    Please refer to the general prospectus of the Polytechnic.
  • Are there any additional expenses during the course?
    Since the course involves a considerable amount of practical work, expenses are incurred by the student on project materials and photocopying. For the photography exercises the students will be required to have their own S.L.R. cameras and bear the expenses for film rolls and processing for all the individual assignments. In the case of the photography tour, the students will be required to use their own S.L.R and/or digital cameras. Also all expenses on photographic material transport and accommodation will be borne by the students. Students are also advised to have their own laptops to the extent possible.
  • If I find the fees unaffordable, can I apply for financial help?"
    Yes, there are provisions for financial assistance. Please refer to the prospectus and contact our Administrative Office for details, after admission.
  • What is the policy on attendance?
    Social Communications Media is a full-time course designed for entry into the media profession. Often work on individual assignments and group projects extend beyond the regular course timings, more so around exhibition time. Social Communications Media students are left with little time to pursue other activities. We are very strict about attendance and there is no leniency in this regard. Classes start at 8.00 am in the morning. Students need to make transportation arrangements to avoid being late. We expect complete commitment from our students in this regard.
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