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The Social Communications Media Department (SCMSophia), of Sophia  Smt. Manorama Devi Somani College, conducts a one-year, full-time, integrated post-graduate diploma course in social communications media that is open to forty bright young women and men. The course is affiliated to the University of Mumbai’s Garware Institute of Career Education and Development.

In today’s convergent mass media space, narrow specializations are restrictive. The ability to quickly grasp enormous amounts of information and present it creatively in words and visuals across different media is indispensible. In other words, if you can read, write and communicate effectively with visuals, then whether newspapers go online, or films are shot on DSLR, you will always be in demand because of the skills you learn here at SCM. Our integrated course includes broadcast and print journalism, film, advertising and corporate communications. We are proud of our alumnae who have gone on to become successful media professionals in varied fields.

Beyond learning the craft, our students turn into professionals by gaining unique perspectives on issues that affect all of us including social and human issues, mass media responsibility and ethical values which widen world views and encourage big-picture thinking.

Located in Mumbai, the pulse of the media industry, SCM is among the top 10 Mass Communications colleges in India ranked 7 by Outlook and 8 by India Today in 2018. Located in a lush green campus, SCM is easily accessible and one of the safest campuses in town. Hostel accommodation for women students is an added advantage.
SCM is designed for students aspiring to be media professionals. Anyone from fresh graduates, to students who want a sixteenth year before going abroad, or even early or mid-career professionals, who might want to make a career shift will find themselves at an advantage after completing SCM.
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Watch the top films made by creative geniuses from all over the world and understand what makes them the best.

photography COVER (1).JPG

Along with technique, learn photography appreciation from our collection of rare photography books that include the works of masters such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Raghu Rai, Raghubir Singh and others.

rtv COVER.jpg
Radio & Television

Use boom mikes, light up your subjects and shoot with our state of the art high definition video cameras.

bj COVER.jpg
Broadcast Journalism

Learn to speak on camera and at the anchor desk. Go on location to riverbanks, fishing villages, dam sites.

print COVER.jpg
Print Journalism

What are the unseen forces that put a story on the front page? Decode how news becomes news with senior award-winning journalists.

mediaethics 1.JPG
Media Ethics
& Law

Interact with a Ramon Magsaysay award winner about life in India, photograph vanishing work cultures, learn the law on obscenity and pornography.

advt cover.png

Strategise, write taglines, track brands, make ad-films and print ads.

cc cover.JPG
Corporate Communications

Manage events, attend press conferences, and learn the difference between PR and corporate communications. 

cr Cover.JPG

Who is more effective on Facebook, NaMo or RaGa? Ask questions and question the answers. Interview those who have created media history.

fc cover.jpg
Fundamental Concepts in Communication

Question the powerful, save lives, learn to use government machinery to hold the government accountable, go beyond preaching to the choir for women’s empowerment



Travel through India doing photography, broadcast journalism, brand tracking surveys, media use surveys. Experience nature and wildlife, all this while you form lifelong friendships.


Our facilities include a recently renovated classroom, a broadcast news studio with a fully-equipped production control room, two editing suites, an audio recording and mixing suite.


Showcase your work to media professionals, alums, friends and your family at a four-day event in February.


Go beyond being a jack of all trades, spend time mastering one area of your choice, by building a portfolio under the mentorship of seasoned professionals for your big moment, your job interview.

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Nirmita 2.JPG
Nirmita Gupta
Head of Department

SCMSophia is a one year, integrated, post graduate diploma in mass communications, recognised by Mumbai University. We are among the top rated, oldest and well reputed programs in the country. 

We at SCM believe in silo-less learnings. We believe learnings are common to all aspects of media, from learning how to tell your story and who to tell it to. You may choose any medium to do so, and the craft may be different, but what makes SCM different is we make you think of the content, not craft. Mind you, we also teach the craft, and very well! 

To give a simple analogy, SCM is not a buffet, where you can pick and choose standard fare, we are a beautifully put together bouquet of flowers, where, together, their beauty is enhanced manifold. That's SCMSophia for you

Abhra Das, 2013-14

Its been over FOUR heard it right more than FORTY years of shaping and moulding media professionals. SCM has been in the forefront of it all. Not just mainstream but we have alums in allied fields as well. One of them Abhra Das a film aficionado and now a consultant with NFDC shares his thoughts with us.

Deepa Bhatia, 1993-94

Looking for more reasons to be part of the SCM family...!! Film Editor and proud Alum Deepa Bhatia shares her experience about the course. Listen in..!!

Nameeta Premkumar, 1993-94

"Something Changed me" , yes thats what SCM does to you by the end of the course. You change and transform into a better media professional. It empowers you and encourages you to follow your path. Media Entrepeneur and proud alum Nameeta Premkumar shares her view with us. Listen in.!!

Meghna M, 2006-07

Sony, Zee, Star,Colours, Endemol, Fremantle, Wizcraft, OML, SOL .. to name a few of the TV channels and production houses where you are likely to find a Scmite at work. Is working behind the scenes your calling..maybe you should consider joining the SCM family. Megghna Mehta our alum and an established Television Producer shares her experience with us.

Simone Patrick, 2002-03

Aspire to be a copywriter..think you could direct ad telling stories in 10,20,30 seconds max..advertising excites you. Well then maybe we at SCM could help you with that. Listen in to our alum Simone Patrick(AVP&Creative director, JWT) share her experience. 

Neeharika Kapre, 2011-12

Goooooooddddd mmmmooorrrnnniiiiinnnggggg allllll...!! Wait thats not us.. its the voice of some of our talented alums that you hear on the Radio not just here in India but globally as well. One such star and alum Neeharika Kapre has a message for you. !!

Aniketh Mendonca (2014-15)

Love Sports and want to be in the media. How do you combine the two. Aniketh, SCM alum, Gandhi fellow and now Project Officer with ELMS sports Foundation tells us how

Antara Kashyap (2018-19)

I want to write but not sure I'm on the right path" of the doubts Antara had before she joined SCM. The one year helped shape her views and gave her confidence that she can write!

Hitarth Desai (2018-19)

For a a filmy buff like Hitarth, SCM was the right institute that helped nurture his love further. From watching to understanding to critiquing and eventually making your own film, he's done it all in the past one year

Preetika Soni (2007-08)

The advantage that SCM offers is learning all verticals of the media under one umbrella course. For Preetika who began her career in TV production, the course also helped develop her writing skills and now she's a successful freelance content writer.

Priya Bapat (2007-08)

Needs no introduction, Alums include famous stars too!!

Visnu Bagdawala (2018-19)

Where else would you have the opportunity to get a Sahitya Akademi winner mentor you and help you become a better writer. SCM is home to many such aspirants including Vishnu

Amrita Mukhopadhyay (2011-12)

Not just in India, internationally too SCMites have been performing well in various roles. Amrita, Content head(Africa & Middle East), Tickled media shares her view

Vrushali Telang (1998-99)

Vrushali has been a reporter with CNBC and NDTV, a producer with MTV, screen writer, columnist and now is a novelist! These are the many hats an SCMite can wear with ease!



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